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Worship BulletinWorship Bulletin
  • We worship every Sunday at 10:45am, in person and virtual.
  • We lift up a variety of musical styles – hymns, gospel, praise, classical, and more.
  • We invite everyone to worship freely – dancing, singing, listening, praying, and celebrating as the Spirit leads.
  • We gather around the Lord’s Table and celebrate communion, made one by Jesus.
  • We guide our children deeper into their lives of faith each Sunday through Children’s Worship & Wonder and other special activities.
Worship BulletinWorship Bulletin

Worship With Us

10:45 am

Worship with us in person or online through Facebook and YouTube. Our worship grounds us in God's love through music by our praise team and choir, a message, prayer, and communion. Mask use is encouraged but not required.

Starting September 11, 2022, University Christian Church will use the Narrative Lectionary to guide and ground our worship in scripture. The Narrative Lectionary begins in Genesis and leads us through the Bible via books of history, prophetic scriptures, gospel stories, and epistles. The intention is to empower us as a church to read scripture in a way that brings together the sweep of the biblical story.

Find out more about the Narrative Lectionary here.

We will be following Year 1. You can download the entire year of readings in the linked file below.

Download Readings

Our Vision for Worship


Our worship is moving into an embrace of what God is doing all over the world in many languages, rhythms, and creativity. Diversity is Divine. The church God is calling us to be is not bound to one tradition or cultural expression of beauty. Sing unto the Lord a new song.


If you miss a Sunday at University, you might miss something special. Our congregation and visitors should come in with an expectation to be moved in surprising ways – through the use of art, music, enthusiasm, and compassion. Sometimes, the surprise is a generous welcome or a renewed invitation. Other times, our senses might be impacted or take us beyond the sanctuary.


Seeking to be a community of biblical welcome, we gather together with a sense of radical hospitality, weaving multiple generations in worship, helping guests feel at home, teaching those who are new, and never letting someone leave with an empty stomach. We always ask – how can worship be meaningful and accessible?


University Christian Church will be ourselves – imperfect, messy, hopeful, hurting, joyful, bitter, triumphant, grieving, excited, confused, and curious. How can we be real and true to who we are and where we are through worship? How do we make room for questions and uncertainties that come with this journey of faith?

An Open Table

In worship, we gather to celebrate God’s grace for us through Jesus Christ at the table. Worship should move us to engaging and sharing in this moment of intersection of God’s love in our lives. How can we make more room around the Lord’s table?

Question about our worship services or music ministry?